Agape Research Foundation made an MOU with Johns Hopkins University’s The Protection Project based at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC and Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences (Formerly Allahabad Agriculture University). ARF created an Advanced Training Diploma and Degree Courses at the University level for those that plan to work in the areas of human trafficking, human rights, women’s rights, dalits empowerment, and other social and ethical issues.  These courses will come from a combination of academic disciplines and will provide a holistic approach to address the issues they will face on a daily basis.  Such an advanced training curriculum does not currently exist. Graduates will be equipped to help thousands of children and women while providing them with the proper care and support that they need. There will be two campuses – one at Allahabad Agriculture University and the other in Mumbai, India. Courses will start Fall, 2010. While this program is being offered in India, the course objectives are not exclusive to India alone. As such, we welcome students from throughout the world to enroll in our Advanced Training courses for advancement in their fields in their respective countries.

The purpose of this MOU is to establish a framework of cooperation between the parties to develop mutually beneficial programs, projects and activities aimed at combating trafficking in persons in India These programs, projects and activities encompass researching and documenting routes, cases, contributing causes and policy as well as investigating the social implications of trafficking and related health problems.

Outcomes of the mutual effort shall include publications, raising awareness, incorporating trafficking in persons in educational curricula, enhancing the role of civil society, increasing access to justice and legislative reform.

Agape Research Foundation is also working with other universities and business entities in the US on agricultural area to bring advanced technology and education through Allahabad Agriculture University. This new technology will include advancements in food production, development in health, nutrition, and water, sanitation, energy, and environmental development.