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Recovery – Anger

Almost every young woman interviewed for this study expressed strong feelings of anger. This anger was sometimes toward their families, sometimes toward their god or goddess,and almost always toward their abductors. They sometimes even expressed anger toward themselves. In India, open expressions of anger, especially by women, are not culturally acceptable. This must be addressed in order for these girls to feel comfortable when tackling and moving past their feelings of anger during the recovery process. Support systems where spirituality is fostered can offer an effective environment for the girls to be able to overcome their negativity and anger. Such grounding in faith can be a positive factor in the girls’ recovery.

Survey of Victims: Optimism

Survey of Victims: Optimism

Recovery – Shame

Regardless of age, victims who experienced the horrors of the sex trade felt ashamed. This shame can directly result from their loss of virginity at a young age. The demand for young, virgin girls in the sex trade is high and creates a situation in which many girls are forced to lose their virginity while in captivity. Feelings of shame are frequently linked to a dominant religious belief that it was one’s fate to undergo this experience. Thus, the idea that a woman has little or no control over her destiny is common.

For many of the girls, the feeling of shame lingers, even after counseling, job training, and re-entry into mainstream society. They often prefer to be alone instead of having to describe to others what they have experienced. All these girls bear a pervasive guilt in their lives because of a painful reality – they were compelled to become prostitutes.

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